Motorhome Habitation Checks

At Mullacott Caravan & Motorhome Centre our experience in caravan and Motorhome servicing is second to none, we have been servicing caravans and motorhomes since 1952 so there is not much we have not seen.

Our motorhome engineers are trained to the highest level to ensure all work carried out on you motorhome is to the highest standard.

We are an approved workshop and are assessed yearly to ensure we meet the standards laid down by the National Caravan Council (NCC)

We are a Gas Safe Registered company, this means we are legally required to carry out all gas servicing to the guidelines set out by the Gas Safe Register. Our registered engineer, to gain this qualification he had to prove at least 15 years experience on working on a wide range of gas appliances. He now oversees all the gas testing carried out in the workshop and all the engineers work within the guidelines laid out by him. If there are any concerns about the gas installation he will check the system personally to ensure it is safe. It is worth mentioning that there are not many caravan engineers who hold this qualification as it is not a legal requirement, we felt it was important for our customers to have total peace of mind that the gas system is safe and is overseen by a fully qualified person.

It is important to get your habitation check carried on a regular basis. We recommend that habitation checks are carried out annually. Motorhomes have many different functions which, if they are not operating correctly can prove inconvenient, or in some cases dangerous. During an annual service we check the 12V and 240V electrical systems, we carry out a full gas check, a full damp check,and check all the fixtures and fittings.

A Motorhome contains a number of closed flue gas appliances, this means the air is drawn from outside the vehicle for combustion and the flue gases are deposited outside the habitation area. There are numerous flue seals which ensure that no escape of gases or carbon monoxide enter the habitation area. It is important that these flue seals are checked using electronic analysing equipment to ensure that they are not leaking. All our engineers are fully trained in the use of gas analysers so following a gas check with us you have the peace of mind that your appliances are operating safely. We also carry out pressure tests, leak tests and functionality checks on all the appliances.

Most the functions in a motorhome operate using the 12V system. When you are plugged into the 240V system your Motorhome transformer supplies the power to operate the 12V system as well as charging the battery. During the service we ensure that this system is operating correctly and that the battery condition is good.

A motorhome operates on a similar 240V system to your house. There are a number of circuit breakers which are installed to ensure that if a fault occurs with an appliance or with the system itself the circuit breakers cut off the supply before it becomes harmful. During the service we use equipment designed to replicate a fault in the system and ensure that 240V supply is isolated within a fraction of a second.

We also carry out a full damp check on the motorhome. It is important to have a damp check carried out annually so any elevated damp readings can be detected early so remedial repairs can be undertaken before expensive damp repairs are needed.

We also check the body to chassis fixing to ensure these have not become loose or any damage has occurred.  Most Motorhomes have under slung tanks, the strapping and the fixings are also checked during the habitation check

In addition to the above we check all catches, fixings, windows and doors, for correct operation. 

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We have recently been appointed an Adria approved workshop, this means we are able to carry out servicing and habitation checks on all Adria caravans or Motorhomes during the warranty period



We have recently appointed a Dethleffs service centre.  This enables us to carry out servicing and habitation checks on all Dethleffs vehicles, this also includes registering the all important water ingress check.



We Are pleased to announce that Explorer Group have appointed us as an Approved Workshop.  This means that we can now carry out warranty work for all caravans and motorhomes in the Explorer Group.


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  • David Buckley (Wednesday, July 02 14 10:07 pm BST)

    Mullacott Caravans provide a fast efficient and reasonably priced service to our caravan. Without doubt the best service we have received in our 38 years with a caravan.

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