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The Alde heating systems is a wet central heating system designed for use in caravans and Motorhomes.  The system as a whole is a very robust and well designed unit which has a very good reputation for reliability.


The only part of the system which needs to be checked annually is the gas side of the boiler and the Glycol and water mixture.  The Glycol fluid should be replaced when the vehicle is 2 years old and then every 5 years after this date.


If the glycol mixture becomes too weak (too much water) then the frost protection can be lost, this can lead to the heater freezing causing irrepairable damage.


If the Glycol mixture becomes too strong (not enough water) then the pumps can struggle to pump the mixture around the system.  Too much glycol can also lead to the frost protection being lost, and can also lead to the heater freezing.


The perfect mixture is 50% Glycol and 50% water.  At Mullacott caravans we have a Digital Refractometer for Ethylene Glycol measurements.  This piece of equipment can tell us in seconds the exact mixture currently in your system.


It is also important to ensure your glycol mixture does not go out of date.  Most manufacturers who build UK vehicles will put a 2 year mixture into a new vehicle and this means that the fluid will need to be drained and replaced after 2 years.  At Mullacott caravans we have specialist Alde equipment to replace Glycol fluid, the new replacement fluid we use is a better quality glycol than fitted by the vehicle manufacturer and will have a 5 year life expectancy.


If the glycol fluid is left in the system for too long it will lose its antibacterial qualities and its frost protection.  The loss of the antibacterial qualities of the glycol can lead to corrosion within the boiler and system blockages.


If you have any questions regarding your Alde system please contact us using the contact page.

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We have recently been appointed an Adria approved workshop, this means we are able to carry out servicing and habitation checks on all Adria caravans or Motorhomes during the warranty period



We have recently appointed a Dethleffs service centre.  This enables us to carry out servicing and habitation checks on all Dethleffs vehicles, this also includes registering the all important water ingress check.



We Are pleased to announce that Explorer Group have appointed us as an Approved Workshop.  This means that we can now carry out warranty work for all caravans and motorhomes in the Explorer Group.


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